About Us  
  The company is positioned with a strong sale and service department that has built a foundation for growth and expansion based on wholesale merchandising of wide range of professional face, body, hair, and hand and feet care products. We offer the most comprehensive range of products to cater to the different demands of worldwide customers from different industries by initiating research and evaluating suppliers based on price, quality, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities to ensure best customer satisfaction.

We also offer an array of affordable and competitive skin care business packages of low to high volume production on OEM basis, catering to small businesses which delivers superior return to clients through it cost-effective and high value services model. PE Skin Professional has built a reputation on the use of optimum and top quality components in its products and manufacturing environment to ensure top grade, up-to-date and reliability of products on a par with the current innovations and trends in the market to meet the needs of customers at the time of production.

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